Rê Schermann

RÊ schermann

Marketing and Communication Strategy, Content Production, Website Creation, Social Network Management and Project Elaboration
small and medium-sized enterprises
non-profit organizations
artists and cultural projects

Rê Schermann

"In order to create effective strategies to attract and retain customers, increase brand visibility or number of fans, launch products, services, spaces and projects and to raise funds for projects and institutions, I take advantage of all resources and acquired learning in more than 20 years of experience in the marketing and communication market "

Áreas de atuação

Strategy, Sites, Social Networks, Content, Project Development and Fundraising
UX (user experience)
Development WIX
Social Networks
Facebook, Instagram
and others:
management and content production
Magazines and Newspapers
Other Medias
Project Development and Fundraising
Sponsorship Projects
Patrons / Friends Program
Projects for Edital
Other Services
Marketing and Communication Strategy
Press office
Brand Design
Webdesign and Programming


Budget and Attendance


The value of services is calculated on a case-by-case basis and takes into account:

- the type of service

- hours dedicated to the project

- the necessary resources

- the characteristics of the company / customer


That way I can draw up  proposals suitable for your business.

Simplified Solutions

I will always look for solutions that simplify and therefore reduce the value of the budget without affecting the quality of the final result, such as WIX and Wordpress tools for website design, collective financing platforms already tested, free images and videos database.

Shared Risk

In some projects, the budget may contain a portion linked to the success of the project (success fee), as in fundraisings. In such cases, the budget will also consider:

- risk associated with the project

- capacity / motivation of client involvement

Contact: Online

With the internet, whatsapp, skype, email, facebook, mobile, I can serve you from anywhere and at the time that is most convenient for you.




- "Hidden costs" of representation, transportation and coffee are not included in the proposals, nor are the costs of meeting hours spent.

- you can work with me even if you do not live near my office :-)

Or... in Azores

My office / home / life is in Faial Island, in the Azores.

So if you are on some Azorean Triangle Island or passing through here, we can arrange a conversation.



Some of My Work
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Rê Schermann is now part of the team of professional experts in  WIX! Learn More in Wix Arena.


To learn more about my work, find out how I can help you or ask for a quote, please contact me.


+351 913961477

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ll contact will be made by email / skype or whatsapp.
In Faial Island and other regions of the Azores, attendance may be attended

Rê Schermann

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